Alexa Support


This part works together with a public Alexa skill that we have released. When you say a command, the Alexa skill will forward this command to a server hosted by us to temporarily store it. Your donkey car, installed with this part and with proper configuration, poll our server for any new command from Alexa.



Click the image below to open the video on youtube


Command Supported

  • Report device code
  • autopilot
  • slowdown
  • speedup
  • stop/manual

Get Started

  1. Use your Alexa app, navigate to Skills and Games
  2. Search for "Donkey Car Control"
  3. Enable the Skill
  4. Say "Open car control and report device code". Use a pencil to write down the device code.
  5. Follow the instructions below to install the part in donkey car software running on Pi


To install this part, add the following lines to, right after the controller setup. In

  from import AlexaController
  V.add(AlexaController(ctr, cfg), threaded=True)

In, add the following parameters:




Phrases: autopilot, start autopilot

If you use this command, it is expected that the donkey car is started with a model. This command will set the variable mode of the controller to local.

Slowdown / Speedup

Phrases: slow down, speed up, go faster, go slower

This command alters the cfg.AI_THROTTLE_MULT variable passed from the constructor. Each time this command is received, the AI_THROTTLE_MULT is increased/decreased by 0.05.

Note: Since this command alters AI_THROTTLE_MULT, it won't speed up when you are running in user or local_angle mode.


Phrases: human control, user mode, stop autopilot, manual

This command will set the variable mode of the controller to user

Report device code

Phrases: report device code, what is your device code, device code

Device code is a 6-digit numeric string derived by a hash function from your Alexa device ID. In order to distinguish commands from multiple Alexa devices, commands sent to our server would require an identifier, which is the device code. When donkey car poll for new command, the part will use this device code to poll for new commands.


Check here for our web service source code, it is open source too.

Copyright (c) 2020 Robocar Ltd