Contribute to Donkey

Donkey is an open source project to help accelerate the development of self driving autos.

There is a very good explanation of the DonkeyCar software architecture and theory here

Guiding Development Principles

  • Modularity: A self driving system is composed of standalone, independently configurable components that can be combined to make a car.
  • Minimalism: Each component should be kept short (<100 lines of code). Each piece of code should be transparent upon first reading. No black magic, it slows the speed of innovation.
  • Extensibility: New components should be simple to create by following a template.
  • Python: Keep it simple.

These guidelines are nearly copied from Keras, because they are so good

Add a part

Are you a hardware specialist that can write a donkey part wrapper for a GPS unit or a data scientist that can write an recursive neural net autopilot? If so please write a part so other people driving donkeys can use the part. How do parts work? Check out this overview

Fix or report a bug

If you find a problem with the code and you know how to fix it then please clone the repo, make your fix, and submit your pull request.

Reply to issues

Helping close or triage the issues is a good way to help.

If You Need An Inspiration

Search the code or docs for TODO to find places where you might be able to find a better solution.

Improve the documentation

You can fix grammar or provide clarity by clicking the the Edit on GitHub link in the top right corner. Here's a guide to how to create and edit docs.