Install Donkeycar on Mac


mkdir projects
cd projects
  • Get the latest donkeycar from Github.

    Note: There are currently version upgrades happening on the main branch so you might want to rather checkout a stable release as discribed below.

git clone
cd donkeycar
git checkout main
  • Get a stable release from Github.
git clone
cd donkeycar
git fetch --all --tags -f
latestTag=$(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)
git checkout $latestTag
  • If this is not your first install, update Conda and remove old donkey
conda update -n base -c defaults conda
conda env remove -n donkey
  • Create the Python anaconda environment

Recommended (faster install time):

conda install mamba -n base -c conda-forge
mamba env create -f install/envs/mac.yml
conda activate donkey
pip install -e .[pc]

Note: if you are using ZSH (you'll know if you are), you won't be able to run pip install -e .[pc]. You'll need to escape the brackets and run pip install -e .\[pc\].

Alternative (slower install time):

conda env create -f install/envs/mac.yml
conda activate donkey
pip install -e .[pc]

We have observed that the conda installation can be slow (not as slow in OSX as in Linux, but still slow). If the install looks like it's hanging then you can install with mamba instead (above).

  • Tensorflow GPU

Currently there is no NVidia gpu support for tensorflow on mac.

  • Create your local working dir:
donkey createcar --path ~/mycar

Note: After closing the Terminal, when you open it again, you will need to type conda activate donkey to re-enable the mappings to donkey specific Python libraries

Next let's install software on Donkeycar