Supported cars

If You Want to Roll Your Own

It's totally possible to diverge from the main Donkey build, and still have a car that drives well and is fun to work with. We've seen a large variety of cars in the various Donkey competitions around the world.

However, when you want to diverge, there are several things you need to know, or you will not be successful. There are many cost and quality trade-offs where the lower cost options simply won't work. We've already worked hard to find the cheapest available options that will work, so you should not expect to choose other options to save money. Rolling your own is more about learning, experimentation, and going to new and uncharged places.

To find out more about what you need, see Roll Your Own.


The magnet chassis is the standard Donkey build. However in many cases it may not be available.

HSP 94186

The HSP 94186 is a Magnet clone and will work. Unfortunately it is only available on Taobao.

Tamaya TT-01


The TT-01 is a new build that we expect to be a higher end version of the Donkey. For first time builders we recommend the Magnet. That said, it has some pros and cons that people should be aware of: Pros: Better kinematics and traction on smooth surfaces - basically this means it will handle Better Larger build area for adding other sensors.
* Globally available with several clones.

Cons: Usually comes as a kit - you will need to supply your own ESC, battery, servo, pinion gear and motor. Needs to run on a smooth surface like a driveway or parking lot.
Larger size requires a larger 3D printer to print chassis, otherwise purchase at the Donkeystore. More expensive

In addition to the standard donkey parts, Raspberry Pi etc, you will need to buy the following components.

Part Description Link Approximate Cost
TT-01 Clone Chassis eBay other TT01s may be used $130
ESC 10.60
Brushed Motor $5
Steering Servo $5
Battery or similar 2S 5000 mAh battery $21
Pinion Gear $7
TT01 Plastics Thingiverse: or Donkeystore: $50

Note: purchasing from Hobbyking is tricky. They can ship from multiple warehouses and it can be expensive and time consuming if shipping from one overseas. You may need to buy an alternate component if one of the items above are not available in your local warehouse.